Wednesday, April 22, 2020

21st April 2020

A year ago today this would have been the last day of Cynthia’s life as she died in the small hours, maybe around three or four a.m. on 22nd April. She was familiar with M3 through my conversation and the various radio and film outings, but I think she was never able to go down the garden and see it. However, I feel she is with me when I make my daily visits.

Today a holly blue – a fallen fragment of Heaven – came and visited the Green Sanctuary.  There were also the usual speckled woods and a passing small white.  There was a warm southerly wind and the ground is already getting quite dry after a very wet winter..

Four dandelion plants were in bloom, the larger eastern and western and the two smaller one on Troy Track by the spindle trees and I continued my hand grazing, this time along the spinal stones of Cynthia’s Ridge.