Sunday, December 05, 2010

A second 2010 snowfall

Everything looks flattened after some of the heaviest and earliest snowfall for many years. We had about 1ft (30 cm) of snow on 1st and 2nd December with a lowest temperature in the garden of -9⁰ C, but on the night of 3/4 December there was a rapid thaw and today nearly all the snow has gone.

20101205 Metre 001

A highlight on this visit to Emthree was the larger of the two birches with its bright brown trunk shining in the winter light. The bramble hedge has been flattened by the weight of snow for the second time this year and, if this is a regular occurrence, it will be a significant factor in the ultimate shape of the hedge.

There are still a few snow patches and, curiously, I found the plastic lid of what looks like a food mixer flask floating like a round white moon or a small flying saucer in the middle of Midsummer Pond. It is remarkable how ponds attract rubbish and maybe this was dropped in there by an animal.

20101205 Metre 002

We are quick to blame irresponsible people for dumping stuff in ponds, but maybe there are other explanations ...