Saturday, August 25, 2018

Dry summer notes

There has been scarcely any rain since the beginning of May and this has affected the more open parts of M3.  The rush plant on the left of the picture has collapsed but many other plants survive.

Today I noticed that the large birch tree was struggling.  The branches are hanging much lower than usual and the leaves look dry and dull.  In the picture below the sallow(top centre) has the bright green leaves and appears to be doing much better than the birch.  I would have expected the reverse to be the case.

In Medlar Wood, the more open habitat has induced the tutsan (Hypericum androsaemum) to flourish with a fine crop of ripe black fruit and an unripe red one.

Various things attack the leaves on the oak cordon in the penumbra.  The picture below shows feeding damage from what I think was a coleophorid moth caterpillar.  The larvae of these make cases and creep around like hermit crabs boring holes in patterns.  I looked for the culprit but it must have gone to ground months ago having left its signature on this leaf.