Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring sallow: life and death

Yesterday for the first time the sallow tree (Salix cinerea) that was spotted as a tiny seedling in the Square Metre in September 2004 has catkins showing that it is a female plant.

20120321 (9) Metre Salix cinerea

A good thing to encounter on the first day of spring.

At the other end of the spectrum I noticed the intricate geometry of a decaying log on the edge of Medlar Wood.  It was put on the ground as a neatly sawn cylinder a few years ago, but now the ravages of time have worn it into intricate shapes.

20120321 (4) Metre log 

It reminded me of that immortal passage from Shakespeare's Tempest:

And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea all which it inherit, shall dissolve                 

And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.