Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Rabbit, the cat and the fox

Today as I sat peacefully contemplating a red campion flower in the spring sunshine, there was a commotion in the bushes behind the Square Metre.  Then out rushed our cat, Spooky, with a young rabbit firmly clamped in his chops.  He ran full tilt through Medlar Wood closely followed by a fine red fox.  When the fox nearly had him the cat dropped the rabbit, which lay twitching on the ground and cat and fox vanished into the neighbour's garden.

I was inspecting the rabbit through my binoculars when the fox sneaked back and clamped his teeth firmly round the rabbit's midriff.  Suddenly he became aware of me and, with his head lowered he looked at me with brown eyes shining from his foxy face in a way that only wild animals can; a baleful half fear, half aggression stare.  Then he was off with his dinner, his smart black legs trotting back through the hedge.

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