Monday, June 11, 2007

England's haymaking

Today, 11 June, was the tradional day for haymaking in old England.

I have part of my project, Submespilus Assart North, which I intend to cut (as for hay) every 11 June. And so I did today.
The area was only cleared late last summer for a parallel project but today I counted 14 species in this small area: smooth hawksbeard, Yorkshire fog, hogweed, rough meadow grass, black bryony, cocksfoot, scaly male fern, herb-robert, prickly sow thistle, wood dock, bramble, creeping buttercup, stinking iris and hedge woundwort. There are probably a few others.
This speaks of hedge bank rather than hay meadow, but cutting and removing the arisings will reduce the present lushness and I shall selectively hand graze the aftermath to achieve a more meadowy effect.

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