Sunday, March 19, 2006

Introduction to the project

In September 2003 I started recording the flora and fauna from a square metre of ground in my garden in Sedlescombe, East Sussex, UK and to organise this small area to try and maximise biodiversity.

After two and a half years I have identified nearly 700 animal and plant species from the area (all of which have arrived under their own steam) and become deeply involved in 'management' issues in order to avoid the square turning first into a bramble patch and then into part of a wood.

There is considerable fascination in the surprising variety of life in such a small area. If it were larger it would be regarded as a favoured place as several legally protected and nationally scarce species have been recorded.

It also raises the question of how well we know anywhere and is a living demonstration of nature's constant dynamic of one habitat changing to another and species coming and going, flourishing and declining.

I do keep quite detailed notes on the project, but have only put some 'edited highlights' on this web log. Friends have often suggested that it would be interesting if others were to run similar square metres themselves so that results and ideas could be exchanged. So, let's hear from you if you feel like joining in.

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Geri Thomas said...

What an amazingly simple but effective concept Patrick! I look forward to your future postings of species identified. I can see this technique being of value to me as a consultant ecologist and as a Director of our Local Biodiversity Records Centre when we undertake a Bio-blitz on an area. I hope you are providing your LBRC with your data. I could see this project going national! Well done!!!!!
Geri Thomas: Merlin Bio-Surveys/South East Wales Biodiversity Records Centre(SEWBReC).