Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ragwort on an April morning

An early visit to Emthree on a bright April morning - everything looks in great shape. 

I have not cut Submespilus Assart South yet this year because the sward has been growing so slowly.  However, I will make the first cut on May Day, then continue on a monthly basis until growth stops in late autumn or winter.  Submespilus Assart North will be left to turn into a hayfield and I will make a judgement on when to cut it (probably late July or early August).

It is quite noticeable that our ragwort plants grow particularly vigorously early in the year and they currently look like so many bunches of curly kale resting on the ground.  This vigour gives them a head start and considerable competitive advantage over other plants.  Thank heavens I don't suffer from ragwort hysteria but look forward to their summer flowering and all the insect life this will foster.

As a society our perception of biodiversity as being "a good thing", looks insincere when we are prepared to condemn a native plant and all its associates, a plant with which we have lived ever since our arrival in these islands, but apparently cannot do so any longer.

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