Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Metre as a mind mirror

I have read that some prefer to describe things from life, at the scene, while others like to recollect and write later, when back at home after am event.

Today I am doing the latter, recalling the choir of pink and blue forget-me-not flowers, the yellow of the dandelions, the violet-blue bugle pagodas and the white tipped sprays of bittercress.  In Medlar wood there is the drooping purple green hood of a wild arum (or cuckoopint).

As Timothy Morton (2007) says "Some nature writers think that they are receiving a direct transmission from nature, when in fact they are watching a mirror of the mind."

Morton, T. (2007)  Ecology without Nature.  Rethinking Environmental Aesthetics.  Harvard University Press, Cambridge Massachusetts and London, England

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