Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brer fox's return

Another cold. wet day but there is now a pretty display of blue and pink flowers from the field forget-me-not (Myosotis arvensis).

One of the buds on last year's seedling dandelions to the west of Butterfly Rock is showing yellow and should be fully open tomorrow.  The flower stalks extend very quickly once they decide to go, which must help to reduce the extent to which they are grazed, especially as after flowering they lie flat on the ground again until the seeds are ripe.  This will be the first Emthree dandelion to flower this year and they are behind those in the Windowbox project where the microclimate appears much harsher, with the soil often frozen right through.

On Lion Rock there is a large fox poo, the first I have seen in Emthree.  It will be interesting to witness it dwindle in its own sweet way and to try and discover what insects might be attracted to it.

The silver sand, after rain, has settled down to a dull, damp mound - smooth and featureless.  Planet Terracotta once again has a small pool of water: an intermittent rather than a temporary water body.

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