Wednesday, April 22, 2020

22nd April 2020

Cynthia, my partner for 62 years, died a year ago today and, like then, it is a beautiful late spring morning.  God speed my darling.

Just above Troy Track I found a seedling tree which looks rather like a wild service, though it may be the offspring of the American  Crataegus with service like leaves that grows not far away.  I shall have to keep a careful watch on it.

I think some buds are starting to develop on the Cotoneaster (? frigida) that grows on the edge of Medlar Wood.  A large shoot of tufted vetch has appeared in Brambly Hedge beside my seat.  This is new, and very welcome, in the Green Sanctuary.  I have now counted four dandelion seedlings close to the large western dandelion.

Plenty of insects about today including the flying black carabid that appears at this time of the year; Rhingia rostrata, a local hoverfly and orange tip butterflies visiting bugle along with carder bees.