Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Common pouchwort

5 March 2013.  This was a brimstone day (I saw a male butterfly of this species in our lane) with the temperature reaching 13.3 C. 

I am continually surprised at what goes unnoticed, by me at least.  In the afternoon, as it was sunny, I sat on my wooden seat and scoured the surface of Emthree with close focus binoculars and noticed what was obviously a small liverwort growing on the damp eastern face of of the rock at the southern end of Henry's grave (Henry was our Jack Russell terrier who died almost exactly 11 years ago).

20130305 Metre Calypogeia fissaThe plant turned out to be common pouchwort Calypogeia fissa a common and widespread bryophyte, but one I had not recorded in Emthree before.