Monday, April 09, 2007

Black bryony and sycamore

Today I found seedlings of two new plants for this project in The Waste. They were (lower picture) a sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus) and black bryony (Tamus communis). Interesting how the sycamore seedling resembles the shape of the tree it would ultimately turn into.

Sycamore is an alien and invasive species as this record shows since there is no sycamore old enough to set seed nearby. The identity is unquestionable as I found the old samara beside the seedling.

Black bryony is a striking plant, the only British member of the yam family. Although the flowers are inconspicuous, the bright red berries and variously coloured fading leaves make a fine autumnal feature. It is highly poisonous, though it is said they eat the young shoots like asparagus in Morocco - don't try it!

There is both a young sycamore and a black bryony in Medlar Wood adjacent to The Metre, so I do not suppose I shall leave these plants in Emthree for long.

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